Kayla Diamond was supposed to be a lawyer but fate had a different plan.

The seeds of change were planted the summer before she started law school when she had a dream about a melody.  She awoke from the dream, the melody still in her head and the lyrics came flowing out of her in a stream of divine inspiration. Before she knew it, she had written her first song “Crazy”.  “The song that started it all. It made me realize that inspiration comes from everyone you meet. Everyone you meet was put there for a reason,” says Kayla. This song eventually lead to her winning Slaight Music’s It’s Your Shot competition in 2015, landing a recording contract with Cadence Music, and inspired the theme of her debut EP Beautiful Chaos.

Kayla, a Toronto native, was raised in a modern orthodox Jewish family; a career as a pop singer, wasn’t something she ever imagined for herself. Although she studied classical piano at The Royal Conservatory growing up she had always pictured herself practicing law. After completing her undergraduate degree, Kayla headed far from home for the first time to start law school, experiencing life on her own for the first time. “I spent a lot of time isolated from my family while studying which gave me time to reflect on my life.” Reveling in her new found independence, Kayla fell in love and had her heart broken for the first time. Having her life turned upside down, music became an outlet and songs kept pouring out of her.  Songs like “All on Me” about her first heartbreak and “What You’re Made Of”, an ode to growing up and moving away from family, two songs that would eventually help shape the track listing of Beautiful Chaos.

Kayla stumbled across Slaight Music’s It’s Your Shot contest, submitted her entry with a video of “Crazy” that a friend and she made – not really thinking anything would come of it. To her surprise, and not long after, she received a phone call from Gary Slaight, Jim Campbell, Derrick Ross and Ali Slaight to inform her she had been crowned the winner. Winning the contest changed everything. Her It’s Your Shot prize included a recording contract with Cadence Music and after 6 months into her first year in law school, Kayla made the tough choice to post-pone her academic studies to focus all her attention on music, knowing these types of things are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities – law school could wait. As Kayla explains “I wanted to become a lawyer in order represent individuals and fight for those who need it. I’ve come to a realization that the task is no different for a musician. As musicians, our job is to provide a voice for those who cannot express their truths on their own.”

With her full-time commitment to music solidified, Kayla embarked on the recording of her debut EP Beautiful Chaos. A flurry of activity followed and she has barely left the studio since. Whether backed by a driving beat or a simple piano accompaniment, Kayla’s vocals soar with a bluesy, yet modern feel, something that has really impressed the EDM community. While prepping the EP, she has worked with several DJs including  Kiso on collaborations including a cover of Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” which has received well over 4 million streams on SoundCloud and a cover of Zayn and Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” which has received more than 2 million plays on YouTube. Her most recent collaboration with Anveo on the track “Feel Something” has hit 3 million+ streams on Spotify, since its release in December. Those collaborations have received notable praise from the likes of Tiësto, Gareth Emery, Axwell and more.

Beautiful Chaos teams Kayla with noted Toronto based writer/producer Craig McConnell. It is a look into Kayla’s life over the last few years with each track inspired by a different person in her life. Kayla also explores the theme of abandonment throughout the EP, including on lead single “Carnival Hearts.”  Kayla reflects, “Inspired by the concept of isolation and being lost in your own world. This is about me creating life within and from emptiness. I started writing when I felt empty. It’s a revival of something presumed to be unusable and abandoned.” On the EP itself, Kayla mentions, “Beautiful Chaos is inspired by the chaos in my life. It represents that ability to find beauty in what others perceive as sadness. It also represents my life until now- there have been many ups and many downs to get to where I am today, and that to me is beautiful and chaotic. And I wouldn’t change a thing.”

New Music Friday | November 10th, 2017

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