Forged together from rock n’roll soul, blue-collar charm and a renegade attitude it’s no surprise this quintet of bearded prairie men have already made a lasting impression with audiences. Royal Tusk’s full-length debut, DealBreaker is out May 6, 2016 via Cadence Music. It is the follow up to the band’s well-received 2014 EP, Mountain and showcases a dynamic evolution in Royal Tusk’s sound.

After touring extensively and sharing the stage with artists including Big Wreck, Dear Rouge and Metric, Royal Tusk has spent the past year writing and embracing growth in its sound and songwriting. Produced by the award-winning Eric Ratz (Big Wreck, Monster Truck, Arkells, Billy Talent), DealBreaker captures the true energy of Royal Tusk and the result is loud and guitar-driven with hints of Americana and soul. Much of the album was recorded live off the floor to capture a more raw sound.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Daniel Carriere says: “We’ve always been a guitar-driven band, but Mountain focused on highlighting our pop songwriting. For DealBreaker, we wanted to maintain that songwriting integrity, but make an old-fashioned heavy-guitar record.” After touring with Royal Tusk, Ian Thornley of Big Wreck was so impressed he lent his venerable guitar skills to DealBreaker with a massive solo on “So Long The Build Up”.

Royal Tusk was born out of a shared love of the music craft and a natural chemistry manifests itself in the band’s songs and in its fiery live performances. Carriere and Sandy MacKinnon (bass) spent 12 years in beloved JUNO-nominated Edmonton band, Ten Second Epic and knew they weren’t done making great music. They rounded up Quinn Cyrankiewicz (guitar), Calen Stuckel (drums) and Mike James (keyboard/guitars) for a jam session, and just 10 months later the band headed to New York to record Mountain with Gus Van Go (Hollerado, Whitehorse, The Stills).

Mountain tells a story and builds, Carriere’s endearing inflections, mixed with the group’s punchy, melodious instrumentals pulls you in and offers a journey from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. “Smoke Rings,” the breakout track off the EP saw significant radio-play and helped earn Royal Tusk an “artist of the month nod from Sonic 102.9, and a short-list spot for CBC’s 2014 Rising Star Award.

It’s no doubt that this year, you can expect a louder, more confident and longer-haired Royal Tusk.


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New Release: Royal Tusk

Posted on May. 6 2016

Royal Tusk’s full-length debut, DealBreaker embraces a dynamic evolution in the band’s sound. Produced by the award-winning Eric Ratz (Big Wreck, Monster Truck, Billy Talent), DealBreaker captures the raw energy … Read More »