Heather Rankin Releases We Walk As One Video

Posted on Jun. 22 2016

“”A Fine Line” has been three years in the making and features Rankin’s acclaimed vocal range on a mix of both pop and traditional songs.” – The Canadian Press

“Her beautiful voice delivers the songs with power and emotion, hooking the listener until the last note rings out.” – Canadian Beats

Canadian singer-songwriter Heather Rankin has had an exciting few months since the release of her debut album, A Fine Line, out April 1st with Cadence Music. She co-hosted the ECMA’s with Ashley MacIsaac, celebrated the release of the album with an Eastern Canadian tour and released her fan generated music video for her first single of Tears For Fears iconic track, Everybody Wants To Rule The World. During the whirlwind few months she headed home to Cape Breton and worked with director Scott Simpson (Playmaker Films) to shoot a gorgeous new video for the second single, We Walk As One. The track features the additional vocals of her siblings Cookie and Jimmy and is available now. Please see below for upcoming tour dates.

The video was mostly shot in and around the community of Mabou, on the west coast of Cape Breton where Heather grew up. There are beautiful shots of her mother’s family’s century old farm in Mull River, breath taking scenery of the West Mabou beach where her family spent countless summer days having cookouts as well as stunning vistas of the Mabou Coal Mines, the land their father’s ancestors first settled hundreds of years ago. “Each of these locations has a special place in my heart and breath life into the lyrics of the song,” says Heather. The performance footage was taken in New Port Landing, NS.

“Written with David Tyson, We Walk As One is a song that pays tribute to my roots.” Rankin continues; “Growing up in a family of 12 children and spending a good part of my life recording and traveling the world with four of them it was important to me to acknowledge in song how much they have meant to me. I continue to stay in touch with my siblings living all over the world and although there are many miles between us we remain close and continue to count on each other. I consider myself fortunate that both Cookie and Jimmy were able to add their beautiful voices to the song. I look forward to performing it live with them someday down the road.” 

Heather collected various family footage to intertwine within the video and further discusses it here: “The first footage is of a musical gathering in the family home, the house we grew up in on Back Street, Mabou. The year is around 1973. It is very lonesome watching it, seeing how young and full of life we were, unaware of all the wonderful and challenging times that lay ahead.”

“In one shot, Jimmy, Cookie, Susan, Nancy and I are singing a Gaelic song. I have no teeth. My father teased that I was going to need a partial. In another shot, both my parents (Kathleen and Alex J (Buddy) are sitting on the sofa enjoying the music with my brother David and myself sitting between them. Clearly, my father is modeling his Elvis side burns.”

“There is another shot of my four eldest siblings playing together, John Morris (fiddle), Geraldine (piano), Genevieve (guitar) and David (ukulele). Raylene and Cookie (smaller of the two) are step dancing. Later on Raylene is seen looking very pensive, head tilted to the side while listening to the music. She was always the contemplative type, wise beyond her years.”

Join Heather for a Facebook Video Q&A  
Thursday, June 23rd between 9 and 10pm Atlantic

Upcoming Tour Dates:
June 27 – Dalbrae Academy, Mabou, N.S. (Graduate address)
June 29 – Fire Aid Edmonton, AB (Rankin Family Performance)
July 6 – Kitchen Fest Gaelic College, Englishtown, N.S.*
July 10 – Granville Green, Port Hawkesbury, N.S.*
July 14 – Ocean Stone Seaside Resort, Peggy’s Cove, N.S.*
July 22 – Harmony Bazaar Festival Lockeport, N.S.*
Sept 17 – Stomp Festival, Jost Vineyard, Malagash, N.S.*
Sept 23/24 – Host, Perform and songwriter circle Deep Roots Festival, Wolfville, N.S.*
Sept 27-Nov 13 – Neptune Theatre (acting “Small Things” by Daniel MacIvor)
*Heather with Trio performance