New Music Friday | December 8th, 2017

Posted on Dec. 8 2017

Jim James – Tribute to 2 

Jim James is back with “Tribute To 2”, an absolutely  collection of classics performed by the man himself! We’re talking The Beach Boys x Abbey Lincoln x Willie Nelson x Bob Dylan + a few more choice cuts!

Kayobe – Sun Don’t Shine

From The Artist : “’Sun Don’t Shine’ started as you can imagine: on a rainy-as-f$%@ day. It was pouring down outside, so I came back to my home studio after writing off the day otherwise, and started messing around in the studio, and eventually made the beat; inspired from minimal dark electronic / hip hop influences I was vibing on at the time. I named the beat ‘Sun Don’t Shine’. Later, I met and connected with Olive B. The first time we met we ran through a bunch of beats and ideas I had, and ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ really grabbed her attention first and foremost, so it was the first thing we decided to write on together. It was something that grabbed us both at the time; a minimal idea with deep overgrowth. We wrote the song on the track and her voice ended up being an incredible fit for the style of the track; where her style and character really soared over the minimal nature of the beat.”