New Music Friday | Sept. 29th, 2017

Posted on Sep. 29 2017

Adaline Aquatic Acoustic iTunes | Spotify

As its title implies, the new EP features a selection of stripped-down versions of songs from Adaline’s most recent record. Previously released single “Entertainer” made the cut for the acoustic album, as did “How Could We Know,” “Criminal” and “Stronger.”The acoustic arrangements were a collaboration with Toronto-based composer Todor Kobakov, who helped create a blend of grand piano, cello, lap steel and vibraphone to back Adaline’s dreamy vocals. – Exclaim!

Rainer + Grimm Tempted iTunes | Spotify

J Roddy Waltson & The Business Destroyers of the Soft Life CD | LP | iTunes | Spotify

Destroyers of the Soft Life sounds like an honest album — but it also sounds like a modern album, one that fleshes out the band’s hard-rocking roots with elements of country, soul and straight-up pop. – Billboard

Primus The Desaturating Seven CD | LP | iTunes | Spotify

In addition to being unsettling, it’s a vibrant, knotted work of screwball fun. Anyone who felt overwhelmed by Primus’ early records might be surprised at how comprehensible it all is, even on first listen. – A.V. Club

Jessica Lea Mayfield Sorry Is Gone CD | LP | iTunes | Spotify

‘Her raw fourth album, Sorry Is Gone, has a series of songs about escape from damaging relationships, and each is conveyed through its own weather system. There are outbreaks of snarling bitterness followed by moments of calm, and times when inner turmoil is masked under a coating of honeyed pop exuberance.’ – NPR Music

Nilüfer Yanya Baby Luv Spotify

‘“Baby Luv,” is enchanting in its plaintive simplicity. It’s built around a snaking guitar line that only billows up into something bigger once, towards the very end of the song when the tension is pushed to its absolute breaking point.’ – Stereogum