New Release: The Dean Ween Group

Posted on Oct. 21 2016

Ween frontman Dean Ween releases his debut with The Dean Ween Group! On ‘The Deaner Album’ fans can expect the same disjointed influences as his previous projects. “I got inspired about two years ago when I started this band and it hasn’t dried up yet,” he says.  “I’m starting to realize what I want to get out of the Dean Ween Group and it’s just more of all the good things I’ve ever liked about the records I’ve made.  It’s a solid record. I don’t care if people like a record or not. If I know I put a lot of work into it, then I can live with it forever. I have no regrets musically about anything I’ve ever done…  Ween, Moist Boyz, Chris Harford, whatever.  And I got there with my record. A lot of work went into it and I hope it translates when you hear it.”

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