New Releases: Jane’s Party, Escondido & Greyson Chance

Posted on May. 13 2016

Toronto-based pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party release their third full-length album, Tunnel Visions, arriving as their most confident and mature effort to date. The 10 tracks are polished to a sheen through the production work of Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor, while lead single “Coming On Strong” sees the band collaborating with the Darcys, and pulling in Jim Cuddy on backing vocals. Watch their star-studded karaoke video here. Escondido’s sophomore album Walking With A Stranger – available today on CD & LP – retains their southwest fantasia, swirling trumpet, and slow-motion reverb, the approach has changed. “Our first record was lightning in a bottle,” says James. “This time around was a hibernation so we could dig into the arrangements and sounds.”  The result is a complex landscape ranging from the aggressive noir of “Footprints” and “Heart is Black” to the love lost ballad “Try”Greyson Chance released his new EP Somewhere Over My Head today. A departure from his previous albums, Somewhere Over My Head showcases his mature sound and range drawing from R&B, funk, and jazz influences. With sultry tunes like his debut single “Afterlife” to the upbeat and danceable track “Back on the Wall.”

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