Victoria+Jean Announce New Album Divine Love Out April 29

Posted on Mar. 8 2016


A duo linked creatively and romantically, Victoria+Jean have a story worth telling. Their remarkable debut album, Divine Love, is set for release on April 29, 2016 with Cadence Music. A truly collaborative record, littered with Victoria’s towering vocals and Jean’s varied and formidable electric guitar playing, Divine Love features 12 stunning songs; complimented by an esteemed list of producers. Partners in life as well as on stage, Victoria+Jean are a throwback to those times where being a musician was a calling, where creating music was an honour and where those gifts had to be protected.

Divine Love is a very personal piece of art but also a collaboration with a series of producers who have worked with many of Victoria+Jean’s favourite artists. These include John Parish (PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp, Eels) Ian Caple (Kate Bush, Tricky, Tindersticks), Rob Kirwan (U2, Depeche Mode, The Horrors), Christopher Berg (The Knife, Depeche Mode), Joe Hirst (Florence + the Machine, Stone Roses, M.I.A) and Alistair Chant (PJ Harvey & John Parish, Seasick Steve, Rokia Traore). Not content with just convincing these incredible producers to work with them, they have also undertaken the bold move of creating a video for each of the album’s tracks. Check out the videos for Where We Belong, Härligt Sverige and single Divine Love.

The initial spark between Victoria+Jean was a chance encounter in a Brussels rehearsal room. “All I remember is that he had big eyes and a big smile and he didn’t say a word. I brought back his amp and while I was leaving he couldn’t take his eyes off me and I was wondering who he was,” says Victoria. Their paths would cross again after Jean said Victoria should check out a band, his band, in Brussels. “There he was again, on stage this time. And he was smiling back at me in the crowd,” Victoria says. A connection was made. Jean then convinced a friend to drive him to Paris, where Victoria was living, to seek her out. He was unsuccessful this time but wrote her a love letter. On the back of this Victoria granted the enigmatic Jean an hour of her time. And that was that.

At the very beginning Jean thought Victoria wanted to conquer the world. Over time, their perspective has changed. Victoria+Jean’s music is not about power; it is more fundamental than that. They want to share with the world what they create with each other. “I think I can’t see my life without doing music, I need to write, I need to sing. If I don’t I don’t feel well in my body and with my soul,” Victoria says. “We like to live this way. We like to say we only live once, let’s do it to the end.”

Divine Love Tracklisting:
1. Divine Love
2. Holly
3. Big Billie
4. Until It Breaks
5. Why Won’t You
6. Your Baby Don’t Know Me
7. Firecracker
8. HärligtSverige
9. Takes You Like A Rose
10. Where We Belong
11. Pull The Trigger
12. Define Love

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
March 15 – Austin, TX @ SXSW
April 16 – Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium @ Rock System – Green Edition
April 20 – London, UK @ The Old Queens Head
April 23 – Pont-A-Celles, Belgium @ PacRock
April 30 – Incourt, Belgium @ Inc’Rock
May 2-8 – Toronto, ON @ CMW (venue/dates TBA)
May 12 – Wrexham, UK @ Focus Wales Festival